What to expect at Pikachu Outbreak 2019 in Yokohama

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Kasey Furutani

There’s no need for a detective this time: the Pikachus are back in Yokohama for another outbreak. For just one week from August 6 to 12, the oversized and open-mouthed electric mice will take over the Minato Mirai district for a variety of evening performances. This year’s Pikachu Outbreak extravaganza will feature 2,000 Pikachu in various forms – large, small, stuffed and moving.

Since the Pikachus are performing in the evening, Pokemon-lovers can spend the day exploring Yokohama. Only 30 minutes from central Tokyo, Yokohama is best known for its Chinatown and western-style architecture. Shop for souvenirs at the Red Brick Warehouse or pursue fine art at the Yokohama Museum of Art before popping out to catch the free performance.

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There are three different night shows

Held in the evening to avoid the brutal August heatwave, the three key performances are named after their locations: The Streets, The Seas and The Forest. Do take note as the performances are held at different times.

The Streets will feature Pikachus in LED costumes while projection mapping will light up the Yokohama Museum of Art. Aug 6, 7, 10, 11 & 12, 7.10pm & 8.35pm; Aug 8 & 9, 8.35pm

Rinko Park will host The Forest, a nature-themed performance with 50 Pikachus, all adorned with neon costumes for an electrifying dance in a flurry of colours. 6.55pm, 7.50pm, 8.45pm daily

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Over at the Red Brick Warehouse, a water-themed show called The Seas will have the yellow creatures frolicking in a dazzling and colourful fountain with the Yokohama Bay Bridge in the background. Electricity and water don’t mix well together – so we’ll just have to wait and see how the electric mice react. Beware, you might get splashed with water, too. 6.55pm, 7.50pm, 8.45pm daily

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The Pikachu and Eevee parades this year have been moved to the evening

Don’t forget the event that started it all – the Pikachu Parade. This is the first year the parade is held only in the evening, but don’t worry, the critters will be easy to spot with their luminous outfits and glow in the dark rainbow head- (or ear-) gear. The event is extremely popular, so be sure to arrive at Nippon Maru Memorial Park early to catch a glimpse of the large Pikachus waddling their way through the park. Also back by popular demand is the Eevee Parade at Queen’s Square Yokohama. Both parades happen at the same time, so you’ll have to make a choice. 6.55pm, 7.50pm, 8.45pm daily

Photo: fb.com/pokemoncojp

Keep cool with Pokemon-themed icy drinks and desserts

The forever-booked Pokemon Cafe will have pop-up shops, called the Drink and Ice Shop by Pokemon Cafe, throughout the performance locations. New tropical desserts will be available only during the Outbreak. The Pikachu Pineapple Ice Bar (¥500) in particular is an adorable way to cool down from the summer heat, and it’s offered in four different Pikachu expressions. Riding on Tokyo’s recent bubble tea obsession, Pikachu’s Mango and Pineapple Tapioca Drink (¥600) is a refreshing snack and drink combo. Plus, it’s served in a souvenir cup bearing Pikachu’s celebrated ears.

For more information on Pikachu Outbreak 2019, check the website here. Can’t get enough of these cute pocket monsters? Here are the best Pokemon experiences in Tokyo.

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