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Where to take your Instagram shots at Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant | Time Out Tokyo
Photo: Keisuke Tanigawa

These days you can hardly travel without taking a photo – or a thousand – for your Instagram. Because really, pics or it didn’t happen.

And if you’re planning to watch the over-the-top spectacle that is Shinjuku’s Robot Restaurant show, you’ll really want to take many OTT photos to make it worth the ticket price of ¥8,000. (Oh, bring the discount coupon in the latest issue of our magazine to enjoy a ¥1,000 discount.) So here are four spots to take your #WishYouWereHere shots.

1. The giant female robots at the entrance

Go on, take a seat. Drag your friend along for this one and try mimicking the robot’s posture and expression.

2. The waiting lounge

There isn’t an empty space at the Robot Restaurant that’s not gilded, decorated or covered with lights, mirrors, LED lights or sparkles. It’s a lot of take in, which makes it really photogenic. Bonus points for taking a selfie while the ‘robot band’ is playing on stage behind you.

3. The staircase

As you make your way down the staircase from the waiting lounge to the theatre, it’ll feel like you’ve just jumped down the rabbit hole. It’s like walking into a psychedelic Amazonian forest, with 3D lizards, butterflies and parrots ‘swirling’ all around you. Yes, trippy, to say the least. Stand anywhere and you’ll get a good shot – no bad angles here.

4. The show, of course

Make sure you have enough juice on your phone or camera. Because once the show starts, it’s a relentless series of dance acts, flashy costumes, robot fights, carnival parades and more. Keep clicking; you can check the photos later during one of the intermissions.

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