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Fluffy pancakes at Flipper's
B Portland Cafe2/3
Photo: B Portland CafeB Portland Cafe
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Best fluffy pancakes in Tokyo

Fluffy or soufflé pancakes: whatever you call them, these light, airy and cloud-like pancakes have become an iconic Tokyo dessert

By Time Out Tokyo Editors and Kaila Imada

Pancakes are a hit in Tokyo, and there are generally two camps of pancake fans: those in favour of the classic style, and those who drool over stacks of pancakes that look very much like soufflé. The latter pancake style has been increasing in popularity, thanks to its soft, light and fluffly mouthful.

Soufflé pancakes are characterised by their liberal use of eggs and whipped egg whites in the batter to create the signature fluffly, cloud-like texture. They are then topped with cream, caramel, nuts and fruits such as banana and strawberries. These pancakes are more time-consuming to make, so be prepared to wait. But trust us, it’s worth it.

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Stacks on stacks

Gram Premium
Gram Premium
Photo: Cafe Gram

Gram Premium

Restaurants Daikanyama

One of the main culprits behind Tokyo's ongoing pancake boom, this Osaka import attracts a consistent queue for their selection of uber-fluffy, made-to-order pancakes, which have caused quite a sensation among the city's sweets fiends. Pancakes aren't only for people with sweet tooths – Gram also whips up pancakes served with savoury items such as bacon and eggs and even topped with chilli. With competitor Flipper's also in the neighbourhood, Daikanyama's pancake addicts sure have it good.

B Portland Cafe
B Portland Cafe
Photo: B Portland Cafe

B Portland Cafe

Restaurants Harajuku

This Harajuku hotspot is extremely popular for their soft and fluffy soufflé pancakes. Try their signature ‘White Souffle Pancake’; you can really taste the difference in the rich batter which is made using lots of whipped egg whites and ricotta, giving off a hint of sweetness and the flavour of fresh milk. If you’re not into pancakes, the shop also offers other options including French toast and hamburgers.

Photo: Micasadeco & Cafe

Micasadeco & Cafe

Restaurants Cafés Harajuku

There's no shortage of pancake cafés around Harajuku's Cat Street, but this mainstay is trying to surprise the competition with its extra-thick, extra-fluffy pancakes that are made with ricotta cheese. Each plate is served simply with mildly sweetened whipped cream and maple syrup. Micasadeco also offers creative combinations like 'matcha-style' mochi pancakes and a simple lunch menu composed of savoury slapjacks and sandwiches.


Restaurants Cafés Shimokitazawa

This Shimokitazawa joint is looking to charm sweets fiends with their light-as-air pancakes topped with fruit or the shop's original maple butter cream. Its super-fluffy, airy, melt-in-your-mouth pancakes are made with ricotta, buttermilk or meringue, giving them that texture that's the talk of town. Look out for long queues as it’s a popular spot; in other words, don’t expect to just walk in – especially on weekends. But if you have the patience, getting in line for some of Tokyo’s most Instagrammable desserts will be well worth it.

Ain Soph. Journey
Ain Soph. Journey
Photo: Keisuke Tanigawa

Ain Soph. Journey (vegan option)

Restaurants Vegan Shinjuku-Sanchome

Sweet tooth but still like to feel healthy? Allow us to introduce you to your new best friend. Vegan restaurant Ain Soph. Journey serves the fattest, fluffiest pancakes as a main meal set, accompanied by vegan cheese, jam, cream, ice cream, nuts and fruit. It comes with a chunky fresh salad, presented in a tall glass with walnut and olive oil dressing, and a thick tomato soup, as well as your choice of tea served in a delicate silver Moroccan teapot.

A Happy Pancake Shibuya

Restaurants Cafés Shibuya

The name alone will get you smiling, but luckily the flavours are good enough for you to continue grinning at this Shibuya outpost of the Osaka-born chain. They're very firm in their commitment to a no-additive, no-baking powder philosophy, which means they steam their pancakes and do all kinds of other inventive things for a surprisingly soft yet scrumptious finish.


Flipper’s Stand Newoman Shinjuku

Shopping Shinjuku

If you can’t get enough of Flipper’s fluffy pancakes, then this concept shop located inside the ticketing gates of Shinjuku Station’s Newoman building (new-south exit), should be on your list. This take-out only stand sells ‘Kiseki (or miraculous) soufflé-pancake-pudding’ treats, which is basically pudding in a glass topped with a housemade-cream-filled soft pancake. You have three choices, including the two standard versions with custard or chocolate pudding, and another seasonal variation.  

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