Burger King 5th Anniversary ‘BiKing’

Burger King 5th Anniversary ‘BiKing’

Burger King celebrates the 5th birthday of its Japan operation in appropriately gluttonous style this month. Turn up after 2pm at any branch of the fast food restaurant in Tokyo, and you can gorge yourself senseless on a half-hour ‘BiKing’ (a play on the Japanese term for all-you-can-eat buffets). Just order one of a designated selection of large Whopper set meals (see below for details), and for the next 30 minutes you can enjoy all the Whoppers, French fries, onion rings and Coca-Cola you can stomach. Assuming that 'enjoy' is really the right word.

Note: This offer is only available for large Kuro Burger set meals, Nov 17-21, then for large Whopper, Fresh Avocado Whopper, Whopper with Cheese or Double Whopper with Cheese set meals, Nov 22-30

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