Ichirin Saitemo Hana wa Hana

Restaurants Yushima

Having spent five years honing their skills at Tsukishima yakiniku favourite Denden, the duo behind this hidden Yushima gem are especially well-versed in fresh offal and various organ meats-based dishes. Pleasantly seasoned and cut into easy-to-eat pieces, these make for the perfect companion to beer on a hot day. The menu is extensive to say the least, but you can’t go wrong with the offal gyoza, deep-fried beef tongue or diaphragm cutlet (harami katsu). Ichirin stays open until midnight, making it an excellent post-drink or nijikai destination.


Venue name: Ichirin Saitemo Hana wa Hana
Address: 3-46-8 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku

Opening hours: 6pm-12midnight / closed Sun
Transport: Yushima Station (Chiyoda line), exit 2
Static map showing venue location