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  1. Jikasei Mensho
    Photo: Jikasei MenshoJikasei Mensho
  2. Jikasei Mensho
    Photo: Jikasei MenshoJikasei Mensho
  3. Jikasei Mensho
    Photo: Jikasei MenshoJikasei Mensho

Time Out says

With a total of ten ramen restaurants in Tokyo and a Michelin-starred outpost in San Francisco, ramen master Tomoharu Shono opened his newest location in the basement of Shibuya Parco. This modern ramen eatery doesn’t have a paper menu or ticket vending machine; instead, orders are placed through a tablet found at each seat. 

The most popular dish may be the shoyu ramen, sporting a generous slab of beef and a perfect soft-boiled egg, but we can’t go past the dandan noodles. The creamy sesame broth is mixed with sansho pepper, giving the dish a numbing, spicy kick. Jikasei Mensho also offers a vegan version which is almost impossible to tell from the original. The noodles are made from quinoa, making them lower in carbohydrates and gluten while maintaining the signature chewy consistency.  

All dishes are served in gigantic translucent cups which were made specially for serving Jisakei Mensho’s ramen. Roughly the size of a tall drinking glass, they fit perfectly in one hand, so you can easily finish every last drop of broth.

Youka Nagase
Written by
Youka Nagase


B1F Shibuya Parco, Udagawacho, Shibuya
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Shibuya Station
Opening hours:
11am-11.30pm daily
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