Parfait Fair


All those days off over Golden Week mean that it's the perfect time to treat yourself, and with temperatures slowly rising, what better way to do so than with a wholesome parfait or five? That's what the people behind Transit General seem to have thought, at least, with their Parfair Fair spanning 16 different restaurants in the Tokyo area. Think more standard, American-style parfaits at The Spindle, to more inventive options such as Samgeori Butchers' Samgeori Parfait (¥600), made with azuki beans, shiratama, soymilk pudding and strawberries, served in a metal rice bowl.

Another interesting option is Thai restaurant Longrain's 'Exotic' Mango Coriander Parfait (¥1,200), which comes with an assortment of cubed tropical fruits, coconut cream pavlova and a coriander jelly. For a soft serve-meets-parfait treat, head to Harajuku's Ice Monster, where you'll find cream cheese soft serve mixed with mango (¥680). Parfait away, boys and girls. 

Note that each restaurant may only serve the parfait at specific times and dates

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