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Time Out says

Sushi chef Takahiro Okada, formerly from the Michelin-starred Sushi Yu in Roppongi, has now taken over the reigns as head chef at this new sushi restaurant in Hiroo. At Sushi Zai, diners get to sample traditional Edomae sushi with a new, innovative twist, made by experienced chefs who cut their teeth at well-known restaurants across the city.

Aside from sushi, there is also a selection of one-plate dishes, plus a decent drink menu that offers nihonshu and wine. Looking for more privacy when you dine? Groups of five can reserve the private counter, which comes with its own sushi chef.


東京都渋谷区広尾5-3-13 Barbizon86 5階
03 3446 1134
Hiroo Station (Hibiya line)
Opening hours:
5.30pm-11pm, closed Sun & hols
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