Restaurants, Ramen Eifukucho

It may not be the best restaurant in Eifukucho, but Taishoken is most certainly the most famous. Serving extra-greasy niboshi ramen since 1955, this corner shop right outside of the station is one of the area's best-known landmarks. There used to always be a long queue reaching from the door beyond the corner, but these days you can usually get in right away (except for on some weekends). The shoyu ramen itself is served in huge bowls and comes with chashu pork, leek and menma, while some connoisseurs also like to add a raw egg to the mix. A must for ramen lovers and traditionalists.


Venue name: Taishoken
Address: 3-5-3 Izumi, Suginami-ku

Opening hours: 11am-11pm daily
Transport: Eifukucho Station (Keio Inokashira line), south exit
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