Yakitori-ya Smile

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3 out of 5 stars
Yakitori-ya Smile
Yakitori-ya Smile

We're always happy when there's baked potato with butter on the menu. But this chain of yakitori restaurants delivers in other ways too. They hand out iPads to customers for an easy ordering system, which means you can order by pictures as opposed to having to Google Translate the menu. They've designed the space using a mixture of wooden terrace, counter and booth seating, so it's a good spot for couples, families and solo diners. And their chicken skewers are perfectly grilled so they're just the right combination of crispy and juicy. The vibe is a little more upmarket than your standard yakitori restaurant, so expect slightly higher prices, but the payoff is an extensive menu and, like we said, this plate of heavenly bliss...


Venue name: Yakitori-ya Smile
Address: 1-2F Yutenji Bldg, 2-4-13 Yutenji, Meguro-ku

Opening hours: 5pm-1.30am Mon-Fri, 4pm-1.30am Sat, 4pm-11.30pm Sun
Transport: Yutenji Station (Tokyu Toyoko line)
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