Yum Yum Thai Night


Thai food meets buffet style at this foodie event – the first in what seems to be a new series – at Shibuya's recently opened Bangkok Night. For ¥3,000, you'll be able to stagger your plate or bowl with noodles, salads, chicken, desserts and much more. The double 'yum' in the name signifies two things: the Thai word for 'to mix' (apparently) and the English 'yummy'; lots of delicious mixing going on here, in other words. They're also serving up a special type of rice noodle ramen during the night: named 'Fire Ramen', this chicken stock-based mixture is surely set to taste the way it sounds. Those who don't find it hot enough can ladle on the heat even more by choosing from up to 10 different chilli pepper toppings, while those who'd rather stay cool can opt for coconut milk and curry sauce instead.


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