Restaurants, Ramen Okubo
麺屋 悠

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Found along the tracks just a few steps from Okubo Station, the counter-only Yuu welcomes eager slurpers with a powerful aroma of char siu pork being roasted. The orthodox choice here is the Shina Soba (another name for the classic Chuka Soba), but most first-timers actually go for the Miso Soba, a hearty mixture made by blending a chuka soba soup with several varieties of fine Tokushima miso. Topped with pan-fried leek, the concoction looks richer than it is, going down swimmingly together with the thin noodles. For the topping folks out there we recommend the gingery Miso Niku wonton noodles, which come with thickly packed meat wontons that should satisfy even the most experienced carnivore.



Address: 1-23-11 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku

Transport: Okubo Station (Sobu line), south exit
Opening hours: Mon, Tue 11.30am-3pm, 5.30pm-8pm; Wed-Sat 11.30am-2pm, 5.30pm-8pm / closed Sun, lunch only on holidays

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