Tokyo's best home and lifestyle stores

There's always room for home improvement. So visit these top shops for an exciting mix of food, fashion, home furnishings, design items, accessories and more.

Markus Kichijoji | Time Out Tokyo

Lifestyle is quite an all-emcompassing category, and these home and lifestyle stores in Tokyo offer a wide spectrum of products catering to various hobbies and interests, including fashion, beauty, home, design, food and cooking. Warning: You might not be looking for anything in particular but there's a good chance you'll find something after browsing through these one-stop shops.

The best lifestyle and home stores




Relaunched under the theme of ‘New Antiques, New Classics’, Cibone offers a curated selection of beautiful furniture, day-to-day essentials, fashion, art and beauty products sourced from all over the world. The shop also organises regular in-store events including exhibitions and pop-up boutiques from various artists and designers, so check their website regularly on the latest updates before heading over. 




Situated just off the popular Nakamichi-dori shopping street, Markus is home to a fine array of Japanese objects of desire sourced from all across the country. The shop owner personally picks out everything in the shop and travels around the country to visit various craftsmen to learn about their unique products. You’ll see that items are categorised by area and artisan, with a small description accompanying each one. Our favourites include the beautiful handmade fans from Kagawa, tea leaves from Shizuoka prefecture and stunning pottery and kitchenware from Okinawa. 


La Kagu


This Kagurazaka landmark is a few different things, including street fashion heaven, bookstore and café. Entering through the ground-floor doors, you'll find women's fashion from brands like Acne and Maison Margiela; you can even enjoy lunch at the long wooden tables. The second floor houses men's fashion, vintage furniture and around 3,000 books, all available for purchase. Make sure to check their website for event information – farmers' markets, lectures and other events are held regularly, both inside the building and on the outdoor terrace.


1LDK Apartments


1LDK Apartments is the lifestyle-oriented branch of 1LDK, the popular Nakameguro clothing store that draws an aesthetic comparison with Muji. Offering clothes, food and homeware, the store consists of three main sectors: 1LDK Me for a highly wearable selection of women’s and men’s clothing; the Taste and Sense food section for casual café fare by morning, restaurant and bar service from noon to evening; and Edited/Found Store for books and interior goods. 


D & Department Tokyo


Found deep in residential Setagaya, D & Department deals in long-lasting furniture, everyday essentials, books, CDs, food and much more, including quite a few secondhand wares. The store functions as a base for a variety of design projects, recycling experiments and other events. There's also a café and bar situated on the ground floor where you can grab a quick bite, while the exhibition and retail area can be found upstairs.


Today's Special Jiyugaoka


Today’s Special is the brainchild of popular Tokyo lifestyle brand Cibone. It's primarily a food purveyor, but they also have a wide range of household goods, clothes, jewellery and healthcare products. There's also a selection of small plants and other decorative goods for your home. The third-floor café, Today’s Table, sells seasonal dishes for hungry shoppers. There’s another branch of the store inside Shibuya Hikarie, just in front of Shibuya Station, as well as a brand new Shinjuku location. 

Shopping, Gifts and souvenirs



Three generations of bamboo craftsmen have practised their art at this Yanaka shop, which was first established back in 1908. The elegant products on display range from flower baskets to chopsticks, bookmarks and lunchboxes, but the exquisite insect cages are the real standout. If you can't afford one of those, opt for the 'renkon coasters' (¥500), fashioned to resemble a slice of lotus root. 

Shopping, Lifestyle

Beams Japan


The Beams Japan flagship in Shinjuku spreads out over a total of six floors. You'll find a dizzying collection of clothing, crafts and art, plus a gallery hosting an eclectic array of events and exhibitions. There's also a yoshoku restaurant in the basement, and a branch of Ebisu's Sarutahiko Coffee on the ground floor. If you're looking for a gift that is truly Japanese, Beams is the place to be as pretty much everything in-store is made in Japan.


Tokyu Hands


From stationery to toilet-seat covers, this is the largest household goods store in Tokyo, packed with knickknacks for the home. Particularly interesting is the party supplies section, which gives a unique glimpse into the Japanese sense of humour. It can be difficult to find your way around the multitude of floors, but getting a bit lost is part of the fun, right? 

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