Shibuya-Daikanyama R Project

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Shibuya-Daikanyama R Project

Set to be completed at some point in autumn 2018, the R Project building is set to function as a bridge between the north and south sides of Shibuya. Under construction along the Shibuya River, which is currently being restored as part of the area's humongous redevelopment push, it will be a midway stop along the riverside walkway that's set to stretch from fellow new building Shibuya Stream all the way to Daikanyama's Log Road – if developers Tokyu's grand vision is to be believed. All the other details are still hazy, except for the fact that R Project will house a hotel-come-hostel complete with a ground-floor lounge open to the public.

Open autumn 2018


Venue name: Shibuya-Daikanyama R Project
Address: 東京都渋谷区東1-10-2

Transport: Shibuya Station
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