Tenga 3D Museum of Art

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Tenga 3D Museum of Art

Amidst the disaster, Japan seems to be doing a fine job of feeling frisky this summer. If it's not pop groups being fondled for charity, it's art shows devoted to masturbatory devices. They must be putting something in the food...

Tenga products are quickly gaining an international reputation, thanks to a fairly funky marketing campaign. Aside from vaguely mind boggling commercials (see below and contemplate the fine line between pain and pleasure), they've also managed to get a handful of Japan's hippest artists onside. This art show features their latest product, Tenga 3D, incorporated into works by the likes of Nobuyoshi Araki (photographer), Keisuke Takahashi (film director), Noboru Tsubaki (artist) and Hiroyuki Kado (flower arranger).

The event runs this weekend, and it's free, though families may want to think twice before bringing the kids along.

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