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Late-night and overnight train times in Tokyo on New Year's Eve 2023-2024

The latest updates on late-night timetables for all major train lines in Tokyo: from December 31 2023 to January 1 2024

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Tabea Greuner
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Getting home on New Year's Eve in Tokyo could be tricky. The good news is, some train lines in Greater Tokyo usually add extra late-night services to their timetables in order to accommodate the hordes of revellers out in the metropolis. The bad news is, you'll have to be prepared to wait longer and to squeeze into over-crowded carriages.

Now that you know, it's time to plan your 2023-24 New Year's Eve. Whether you're looking to visit shrines for the traditional new year prayers or take part in a spiritual bell-ringing ritual at a temple, here's how to get home safely.

JR lines

Yamanote line, 1am-5am

'Inner circle' (counter-clockwise, from Shinjuku toward Shinagawa, from Tokyo toward Ueno): departures every 15 minutes

'Outer circle' (clockwise, from Shinjuku toward Ikebukuro, from Tokyo toward Shinagawa): departures every 15 minutes

Keihin-Tohoku, Negishi lines, 1am-4am

Omiya-Sakuragicho: departures every 20-50 minutes

Chuo line (rapid), 12am-4am

Mitaka-Takao: departures every 30-60 minutes

Chuo-Sobu line, 12.30am-5am

Mitaka-Chiba: departures every 10-80 minutes

Ome line

Departing Tachikawa: 2am, 3.20am

Departing Mitake: 3am, 4.38am

Note that trains don't stop at Miyanohira, Hinatawada, Ishigamimae, Futamatao, Ikusabata and Sawai stations.

Sobu Main line, Narita line

Departing Chiba: 1.20am, 3.15am

Departing Narita: 2.10am, 3.55am

Note that trains don't stop at Higashi-Chiba Station.

Yokosuka line, 1am-5am

Yokohama-Zushi: departures every 80 minutes 

Note: there are no late-night services for Saikyo, Takasaki, Utsunomiya, Shonan-Shinjuku, Keiyo, Joban and Narita lines.

Other railway lines

Keisei Railway

Ueno-Narita: departures every 20-50 minutes 

Oshiage-Kanamachi: departures every 20-40 minutes 

Keio Railway

Keio Takao line Kitano-Takasosanguchi: departures every 60 minutes.

Note that trains don't stop from Keio New Line Shinjuku to Sasazuka stations, and Kitano to Keio Hachioji stations.

Keio Liner Geishun

Departures twice from Shinjuku to Takaosanguchi. Note that you'll need a seat reservation to board the train.

Tokyu Railway

Den-en-toshi line: departing Shibuya 1.25am, arrival 2.18am at Chuo Rinkan

Toyoko line: departing Shibuya 1.25am, arrival 2.05am at Yokohama

Tokyo Monorail

First trains departing Hamamtsucho 3.45am, 4.25am; arrival 4.03am and 4.43am at Haneda Airport Terminal 2

First train departing Haneda Airport Terminal 2 4.15am, arrival 4.34am at Hamamatsucho


There are no late-night services on any lines operated by the following subway and railway companies. They will all run on their respective Saturday/holiday timetables between December 30 and January 3; check the websites for the train schedules.

Tokyo Metro

Toei Subway

Tobu Railway

Keikyu Railway



Seibu Railway

Odakyu Railway

Sagami Railway

Enoshima Electric Railway 

Tokyo Monorail

First Sunrise special trains

JR Special Rapid 'Sotobo Hatsu-Hinode'

Departing Ryogoku 12:50am, arrival 2.55am at Awa-Kamogawa, arrival 3.30am at Chikura.

Stops for sunrise at Awa-Kamogawa and Chikura stations.

JR Special Rapid 'Inubo Hatsu-Hinode'

Departing Ryogoku 1.30am, arrival 3.39am at Choshi. From Choshi Station, you need to take a special train to Inubo Station departing at 4.32am and 4.56am. You can remain seated in the Special Rapid 'Inubo Hatsu-Hinode' until the special train departs for Inubo Station.

Odakyu 'New Year's Express'

Departing Shinjuku 4.50am, arrival 6.13am at Katase-Enoshima.

Note that you'll need a special seating ticket, which you can purchase at all Odakyu stations.

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