Tokyo New Year's Eve traffic information 2017-2018

Late-night timetables for all major train lines in the city
New Year's Eve in Tokyo | Time Out Tokyo
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Most train and subway lines in the capital region add extra late-night departures to their timetables in order to accommodate the hordes of revellers descending on Tokyo on New Year's Eve. The vast majority of lines extend their service up to around 1am while otherwise running on holiday schedules. Prepare both for squeezing into massively overcrowded carriages and for waiting longer than usual for the next train – you have been warned.

JR lines


Yamanote line, 1-5am

'Inner circle' (counter-clockwise, from Shinjuku toward Shinagawa, from Tokyo toward Ueno): departures every 12 minutes
'Outer circle' (clockwise, from Shinjuku toward Ikebukuro, from Tokyo toward Shinagawa): departures every 10 minutes

Keihin-Tohoku and Negishi lines, 1-4am

Omiya-Sakuragicho: departures every 30 minutes
Sakuragicho-Ofuna: departures every 60-80 minutes

Saikyo line, 1-4am

Omiya-Osaki: departures every 60 minutes

Chuo line, midnight-5am

Tokyo-Takao (functions as local train between Ochanomizu and Mitaka): departures every 20-40 minutes

Ome line, 2-5am

Tachikawa-Mitake: departures every 50 minutes

Chuo-Sobu line, 1-5am

Nakano-Chiba: departures every 20-50 minutes 

Sobu Main line, Narita line, 12.50-4.30am

Chiba-Narita: departures every 60 minutes 

Narita line (Narita-Abiko)

Departing Abiko: 1am, 2.30am 
Departing Narita: 1.43am, 3.13am

Keiyo line

Tokyo – Kaihin-Makuhari, 1-5am: departures every 15-30 minutes 
Tokyo – Nishi-Funabashi, 12.30-5am: departures every 45 minutes 
Kaihin-Makuhari – Soga, 1-5am: departures every 45 minutes

Joban line

Departing Ayase: 1.49am, 3.19am 
Departing Abiko: 2.30am, 4.05am 

Utsunomiya line, Yokosuka line (Shonan-Shinjuku line), 12midnight-5am

Omiya-Ofuna-Zushi: departures every 60 minutes 
Zushi–Ofuna-Omiya: departures every 60 minutes 

Takasaki line (Ueno-Kagohara)

Departing Ueno: 1.55am, 2.53am 
Departing Kagohara: 12.01am, 1.01am

JR First Sunrise special trains


Rapid 'Joban Hatsu-Hinode'

Departing Ueno 4.15am, arrival at Iwaki (Fukushima pref.) 7.20am 
This train requires a special seating ticket 
Sunrise expected between Otsuko and Nakoso.

Special Rapid 'Inuboh Hatsu-Hinode'

1st departure Shinjuku 2.15am, arrival at Choshi 4.21am 
3rd departure Shinjuku 2.26am, arrival at Choshi 4.39am 
5th departure Shinjuku 2.42am, arrival at Choshi 5.07am 
This train requires a special seating ticket 

Special Rapid 'Sotobo Hatsu-Hinode'

1st departure Shinjuku 3am, arrival at Chikura 5.25am 
2nd departure Chikura 9.40am, arrival at Shinjuku 12.38pm 
This train requires a special seating ticket 

Rapid 'Izu Hatsu-Hinode'

Departing Shinagawa 4.15am, arrival at Izukyu-Shimoda 7.42am 
Stops for sunrise at Katase-Shirata Station 
This train requires a special seating ticket 

Rapid 'Ito Hatsu-Hinode'

Departing Shinjuku 5am, arrival at Ito 7.58am 
Stops for sunrise at Nebukawa Station 
This train requires a Green Car seating ticket 

Other railway lines


Keisei Railway

Ueno-Narita: departures every 20-50 minutes 
Takasago-Oshiage-through to Asakusa line: departures every 20-30 minutes 
Takasago-Kanamachi: departures every 20-40 minutes 

Tobu Railway

Skytree line Asakusa-Takenotsuka: departures every 30-60 minutes 
Daishi line Nishiarai-Daishimae: departures every 10-45 minutes

Note that there is no late-night service on the Tojo line. 

Seibu Railway

Last departures on all lines are slightly later than scheduled, but there is no late-night service. 

Keio Railway

Shinjuku-Takaosanguchi: departures every 40 minutes (local trains only) 
Kitano – Keio-Hachioji: departures every 40 minutes (local trains only) 
Chofu-Hashimoto: departures every 40 minutes (local trains only) 
Inokashira line: departures every 20-30 minutes (local trains only)

Odakyu Railway

Shinjuku – Sagami-Ono: departures every 15 minutes 
Sagami-Ono – Isehara: departures every 30 minutes 
Isehara-Odawara: departures every 60 minutes 
Sagami-Ono – Katase-Enoshima: departures every 30 minutes (every 15 minutes after 3am) 
Shin-Yurigaoka – Karakida: departures every 30 minutes

Tokyu Railway

Toyoko line Shibuya – Motomachi-Chukagai: departures every 15-30 minutes 
Denentoshi line: last train 80 minutes later than scheduled, first train 60 minutes earlier than scheduled

Keikyu Railway

Keikyu Main line Sengakuji-Yokohama: departures every 30 minutes 
Daishi line Kawasaki-Kojimashinden: departures every 7-10 minutes 
Last departures on other lines are later than scheduled 

Sagami Railway

Yokohama-Ebina: departures every 60 minutes 
Futamatagawa-Shonandai: departures every 60 minutes

Enoshima Railway

Entire line between Kamakura and Fujisawa: between 12midnight and 5am – departures every 24 minutes; after 5am – departures every 12 minutes


Shinbashi-Toyosu: after 12midnight, departures every 15-20 minutes

Tokyo Monorail

No late-night service, except for 4am and 4.30am departures from Hamamatsucho for Haneda Airport 

Subway lines


Tokyo Metro

Ginza line Asakusa-Ueno: departures every 7 minutes; Ueno-Shibuya: departures every 15 minutes  
Marunouchi, Hibiya, Tozai, Chiyoda, Yurakucho, Hanzomon, Namboku and Fukutoshin lines: departures every 30 minutes

Toei Subway

Asakusa line: departures every 30 minutes 
Mita line: departures every 30-60 minutes 
Shinjuku line: departures every 30-40 minutes 
Oedo line: departures every 30-40 minutes 

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