Clint's Psychedelic Shorts! Fri. June 9

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Clint's Psychedelic Shorts! Fri. June 9
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Clint's Psychedelic Shorts! Fri. June 9 says
Hey there movie fans -

It's a "guest cartoonist Jeffy" kinda month at Trash Palace! JC's outta town and Mouth is also double-booked, so cousin Stacey is back behind the snack bar, and TP regular Clint is taking over the reels of steel, with the best trashy stuff the cinematic 'underground' has to offer! Over to you, Clint....

Experimental Classics from the Cinematic Cesspool
Guest curated by Clint Enns

This selection of experimental and documentary works consists of 16mm films that are guaranteed to be of interest to both Trash Palace regulars and to the experimental film scene. These films contain sex, drugs, rock and roll, bikers, psychedelia, killer synth soundtracks, hot rods, those little toys found in cereal boxes and rats.

5 Cents a Copy – Ed Ackerman & Greg Zbitnew (16mm, 1980, 3 min)
A film made entirely on a photocopy machine with one of the best soundtracks ever.

This is a Recorded Message – Jean-Thomas Bédard (16mm, 1973, 10 min.)
Seductive advertising is seen as the main motivating force in shaping the desires, the needs and, to a large degree, the lives of modern men and women. A provocative film to stimulate reflection.

Motel Capri – George Kuchar (with Joyce Wieland) (16mm, 1986, 18 min.)
Wieland is featured as the mother superior in this rarely seen bizarre biker flick.

Rat Life and Diet in North America - Joyce Wieland (16mm, 1968, 14 min.)
Rats and cats act out a political drama.

The Ballad of Crowfoot – Willie Dunn (16mm, 1969, 11 min.)
A rapid montage of archival photos, etchings and contemporary newspaper clippings is married to the words and music of an impassioned ballad written by Mi'kmaq singer and songwriter Willie Dunn. This is perhaps the most important Canadian film ever made.


Second Sun – Leslie Supnet (Super 8 [with wild sound], 2014, 3 min.)
Supnet's psychedelic animation about the return of the second sun!

Satan's Choice - Don Shebib (16mm, 1965, 28 min.)
A rare "inside" view of a motorcycle club in Toronto. The names they adopt are as individual as their special ethics and views of life, all freely expressed in this film.

Toy Catalogue 3 – John Porter (super 8, 1996, 18-minute excerpt, sound on film)
Trash Palace regular shows off his toy collection.

Special Thanks: Kathy Elder, Sebastian Di Trolio, Jonathan Culp, Dan 'The Mouth' Lovranski, Leslie Supnet and John Porter.

As ever, our doors open at 8:30, and films begin at 9:30. Admission is $10 at the door. Down the alley south of Richmond and through the paint-scrawled door. Merch, door prizes, snacks, cold drinks and more!
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