Hard Twist Fibre Art Show Opening Reception

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Hard Twist Fibre Art Show Opening Reception
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Hard Twist Fibre Art Show Opening Reception says
Hard Twist 11: SPIN
The Gladstone Hotel’s Annual Group Fibre Art Show
August 26 to January 8, 2016

HARD TWIST 11 – SPIN, the eleventh annual edition of the Gladstone Hotel’s signature show of textile-based art, invites artists to give us their own spin on spin.

To spin is to transform. Whether it’s turning a fleece into yarn for a cozy sweater or rotating a dubious fact through angles of truth, spinning changes what you started with into something very different.

Hard Twist has become an important annual event within the Canadian textile art community as well as being a signature event for the Gladstone. Hard Twist is curated by Chris Mitchell and Helena Frei.


Stacie Go Eun Baek, Claire Bartleman, Annabel Berthoff, Jessica Bromley Bartram, Valerie Carew, Valerie Dennis, Lise Downe, Judy Duggan-McCormack, Martina Edmondson, Margot Fagan, Shannon Gerard and Liam Blackburn, Amanda Gresik, Connie Lynn Higgs, Wilma Kenny, Ketzia Kobrah and Laurel Sherman, Lynne M Mack, Judith E Martin, Kathleen Morris, Natalie Nadeau, Jenna Richards, Brooke Ripley, Rob Shostak, Jennifer Wigmore, Jen Wilson and Wenzi Li


Julie Nicholson- Design advocate, Curator Do Design, co-founder TO DO Festival.
Dorie Millerson – AOCAD, MFA Chair, Material Art & Design
Paula john – Hard Twist 10 Artist
Helena Frei and Chris Mitchell – Hard Twist curators
Lukus Toane – Director of Exhibitions, Gladstone Hotel (ex-officio)
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By: Gladstone Hotel

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