John Dickson | Concentricity

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John Dickson | Concentricity
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John Dickson | Concentricity says
September 9 - October 2, 2016
Reception: Friday September 9, 2016 7-9pm

MULHERIN Toronto is pleased to present Concentricity, an exhibition of work by John Dickson.

“Our lives, world and universe are prescribed by cycles. One thing turning around another, creating a seemingly endless loop with no beginning and no end. My kinetic sculpture imitates this model, referencing natural systems, while resetting itself so that it can be experienced repeatedly.

The sculpture and drawings in this exhibition explore cyclical systems as they occur in nature and the universe. Over the years I have continued to revisit the form of the vortex. There are a number of reasons I am drawn to it. It has emotional impact for it is a hole into which things disappear, and can act as a metaphor for death, powerlessness, and mystery. It is a phenomenon that occurs at a range of scales: water going down a drain, the swirling of a hurricane, the movement of stars around a black hole. It seems to be a fundamental structural form that exhibits order, but at the same time can behave chaotically. The centre of the vortex can be destructive but is also transformative, a passage between two states.

As we age, the journey around the sun seems to speed up. It is as if we are caught in a whirlpool, the rotations
quickening as we are move towards the centre. We are caught in the vortex of our lives, spinning inwards towards
an inevitable end.” - John Dickson

John Dickson is a Toronto-based artist whose mixed-media sculptures and installations explore humanity’s tenuous
relationship with the natural world. Early works investigated water as a sculptural medium, developing themes with
underlying environmental concerns. His interest in working with water led naturally to out-door projects, and to
exhibiting in non-gallery situations, with artist collectives such as NetherMind and Persona Volare and with organizations
like the Tree Museum and Art Spin. Recent work uses models and live-feed video to re-construct and explore our
mediated view of the world. Past projects include Frontier, a public commission for the West Toronto Railpath, Music
Box for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche and COLD WAR at the AGO’s Young Gallery. He has shown internationally in the
USA, France, the Czech Republic and Denmark, and is represented by Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects.
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By: Mulherin Toronto

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