Spiritual Alignment For Financial Abundance

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Spiritual Alignment For Financial Abundance
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Spiritual Alignment For Financial Abundance says
Featuring Noreen Kassam (NLP Master and Psychosomatic Practitioner)

• Discover the chakras in your body and how potential imbalances can be preventing the flow of abundance

• Experience a powerful clearing exercise to begin the process of allowing abundance to flow in more readily

• Connect deeply with your skills, abilities, strengths and use this information to solidify your sense of belonging and purpose in your business.

Noreen has offered many clients abundance clearings that have resulted in: new job offers, gifts of $150 or more, new brilliant solutions to business setbacks, awareness of where one is blocked so that a reverse process can be used to get one back into flow, etc.

Noreen doesn't just talk about manifestation and the law of attraction - she gets deep into the energy centres of the body and assists you in finding the root causes of these blocks so they can be released in the same moment and change your life!!!

You will experience visualizations that will expand your abundance frequency, meditations that will potentially also relieve pain in your body, and tapping methods to balance the hemispheres of your brain and body so that logic and emotions are both in alignment when making business decisions!

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