Supper Club: Mauritian Kalia & Pulao By Vanesha Khadaroo

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Supper Club: Mauritian Kalia & Pulao By Vanesha Khadaroo
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Supper Club: Mauritian Kalia & Pulao By Vanesha Khadaroo says
The island of Mauritius, situated in the Indian Ocean, features a culture and cuisine that is a unique combination of African, Indian, Chinese, Arabic and French influences. Chef Vanesha Khadaroo of La Marmite Mauricienne has long delighted in introducing Canadians to the unique flavours of Mauritian cuisine, and tonight is no exception: a selection of traditional Mauritian favourites, from street-food staples to special banquet dishes, that bring the flavours of this remote island paradise to Toronto.

Gato Assorti
A selection of different "gato" - crispy fried savoury fritters that are a popular street food in Port Louis. Gato Piment, made from yellow split peas; Pain Frire, slices bread dipped in a chickpea flour batter; and Gato Arouille made from arrowroot, these tasty snacks are served with a spicy homemade coriander chutney and lemony Sauce Illoise.

Kalia and Pulao
Kalia is a rich, yogurt-based curry sauce that is made with chicken marinated in a unique Mauritian blend of warm masala spices, garlic, ginger and yogurt, then slowly cooked with potatoes — we will also have a vegetarian version with cauliflower and carrots. It will be served alongside a Pulao, a festive dish of basmati rice spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, bay leaves and studded with almonds, raisins and vegetables. The table is also set with kuccha, a tangy and spicy pickle condiment and refreshing cucumber raita.

Mousse Coco
Imagine the love child of piña colada and panna cotta! La mousse coco is coconut milk, condensed milk and vanilla cooked with agar until set into a delightfully wobbly jelly, then topped with tangy coulis d'ananas, freshly grated pineapple gently cooked in a light cane sugar syrup.

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Chef Vanesha Nuckchaddee-Khadaroo is the founder of La Marmite Mauricienne - Mauritian Pot, a catering company serving uniquely delicious Mauritian cuisine across the GTA.

Every weekend The Depanneur invites a guest chef to host a fun, informal dinner party.

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