The Joyous Lake

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The Joyous Lake
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The event creator says
a solo show from Christian Arab

My legs have a tendency to fall into the water while I practice in the lake. I haven't learnt how to swim properly. I tried last year and the previous years before.

I think there is something unstable about me. Only my upper body wants to stay afloat. I know for a fact that the lake is unstable itself. The current that flows against the rocks, carrying its own body and legs, is never the same. Knowing how to swim would come in handy.

Sand is thrown across the beach by the wind. Some grains get into the corners of my eyes. The flow of tears never do make it below the bottom of my lids. Oblivion is one of many outcomes of my neuroses.

If I were to throw myself into the lake, or if I was pushed into the deep end of a pool, I would fall to the bottom and drown. Till this day, I’ll go up to water, touch it and think, perhaps with time and practice, one of many outcomes will come.


Christian Arab is born and based in Toronto. He holds a BFA from Ryerson University. This is his first solo show.
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