KFC is opening 10 branches across the UK: here’s the full list of new locations

Is your local area getting a brand-new fried chicken stop?

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Of all the fast-food giants, KFC has some of the most devoted fans around. And who can blame them? Not only is its signature ’11 herbs and spices’ recipe known around the world, but as society has transitioned towards less meat-heavy diets, KFC has stayed ahead of the curve with some delish veggie and vegan options.

KFC fans in the house, we’ve got some exciting news. The chain has announced that it plans on opening ten new UK stores in the very near future, with five coming before the end of the year and the rest arriving in early 2024.

The new branches are part of a long-term plan by the fried chicken giant to open another 500 UK branches. Currently, KFC has just over 1,000 outlets across the country, and the new branches will be a mixture of normal restaurants, drive thrus and airport editions. 

Here are the locations getting new KFCs – and when they’re expected to open.

  • Birch East (Greater Manchester) – December
  • Hilton Park North (Staffordshire) – December
  • Lancaster North (Lancashire)  – December
  • Thurrock (Essex) – December
  • Medway (Kent) – December
  • Grantham (Lincolnshire) – New Year
  • Southwaite North (Cumbria) – New Year
  • Chieveley (Berkshire) – New Year
  • Washington South (Northumbria) – New Year
  • Frankley North (Worcestershire) – New Year

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