One of the world’s most beautiful flower fields is officially right here in the UK

Acres of gorgeous lavender and sunflowers won a spot in England its place in a global ranking

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Sunflowers with lavender in the background
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Daffodils are blooming. Jumpers are optional. Spring has arrived, and it’s time to celebrate.

If you find your joie de vivre inexplicably returning by the day and want an appropriately whimsical activity, visiting a flower field might just be the thing for you. It’s the perfect time of year to frolic, and luckily enough we’ve got some world class flower farms right here in the UK.

Famous research body ‘Premier Inn’ has been running some experiments to scientifically discover the world’s most beautiful floral pastures. By tracking people’s eyeballs and showing them pictures of various different flower fields, the hotel company was able to determine which were the most and least aesthetically pleasing. 

Hitchin Lavender Farm for Sunflowers in Hertfordshire came tenth globally, making it the highest ranked field in the UK. The confusingly named floral hotspot contains acres of both lavender and sunflowers, and is known for producing high quality lavender based soaps and smelly things you might buy your mother-in-law, and opens for visitors during the summer months. Unlike tulips, these crops are in bloom for much longer, so your window for visiting Hitchin is much wider. 

The farm is currently still closed with no dates announced yet for their summer opening times, but the lavender is generally in season between mid June to mid August, and sunflowers aren’t at their best until late July or early August, so you’ve got plenty of time to plan your visit. 

The top spot on Premier Inn’s list was claimed by the daisy field in Torres del Paine, Chile, which is a little bit further away than Hertfordshire for us Brits. If you’re willing to go beyond the channel, the silver medal went to Monet’s Garden, just 90 minutes north of Paris

The full list of findings is available from Premier Inn here, and we’ve got a handy list of the best flower fields near London if lavender is more likely to send you to sleep than reinvigorate your soul. If you do end up heading to one of these meadows, just beware: there is a severe risk of sneezing. Forget to bring antihistamines at your own risk. 

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