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Glastonbury Festival, Somerset, England
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Revealed: the best (and worst) places in the UK for getting Glastonbury tickets

Live somewhere with fast broadband and hardly any people? You might have a chance

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

Getting your mitts on Glastonbury tickets is, as everyone knows, ridiculously tricky stuff. Unless you’re a military-level planner or very, very lucky, the likelihood that you’ll end up stuck in an endless, unmoving Seetickets queue is very high indeed. That being said, our eight essential Glasto ticket sale hacks will undeniably up your chances. 

Even with those hacks, however, other stuff can hold you back from getting coveted Glasto tickets. One of the big factors is broadband speed: even if you have all the group chats and spreadsheets in the world, you’ll be crippled by slow internet. Another factor is network traffic: if too many people are scrambling to get tickets in your local area, you’re much less likely to get in quickly.

National Broadband knows all this and has come up with the ‘Glastonbury Ticket Scramble Matrix’: a list of places in the UK with the best (and worst) chances of getting tickets.

The best place to get Glasto tickets was named as Dalrymple in East Ayrshire, Scotland. National Broadband gave Dalrmpyle a perfect score, based on its internet speeds and predicted network traffic. 

Second-best was Weeton-with-Preese in Lancashire, while third was Burgh by Sands in Cumbria. If you’re in a rural area with fast broadband, your chances seem to be pretty high. 

Down the other end of the table, National Broadband named the worst place to get Glasto tickets as Ringway in Greater Manchester, thanks to slow broadband speeds and expected high traffic. Dalrymple got a perfect 100 score, but Ringway got a rating of just 1.47. Sheesh. 

Argyll and Bute was named second-worst, while Corsley in Wiltshire came third, both due to having very low internet speeds.

Here are the ten places with the best chances of getting Glasto tickets, according to National Broadband’s ‘Glastonbury Ticket Scramble Matrix’. 

  1. Dalrymple, East Ayrshire
  2. Weeton-with-Preese, Lancashire
  3. Burgh by Sands, Cumbria
  4. North Weald Bassett, Essex
  5. South Normanton, Derbyshire
  6. Hessle, Yorkshire
  7. Bingley, Yorkshire
  8. Clapham cum Newby, Yorkshire
  9. Wilsden, Yorkshire
  10. Syston, Leicestershire 

And here are the ten places with the worst chances. 

  1. Ringway, Manchester
  2. Argyll and Bute, Dunbartonshire
  3. Corsley, Wiltshire
  4. Temple Sowerby, Cumbria
  5. Bowmore, Isle of Islay
  6. Bilbster, Scottish Highlands
  7. Narberth, Pembrokeshire
  8. Portree, Skye
  9. Pomeroy, County Tyrone
  10. Kilvington, Nottinghamshire

You can read the full study here.

Time Out Glasto

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