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The ticket sale for Glastonbury 2024 has been postponed

Due to registration issues, all ticket sales have been pushed back by two weeks

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

If you were hoping to snag a ticket to Glastonbury 2024, no doubt you’ll have been waiting patiently all day today (November 2). The most organised among us will have had our devices at the ready, group chat sorted and spreadsheets filled out with everyone’s details. The first round of tickets were set to go on sale at 6pm sharp.

But now it’s time to breathe: the ticket sale for Glastonbury 2024 has been delayed. In a statement released just four hours before the first batch of coach tickets were set to go on sale, the festival organisers have announced that all ticket sales are being pushed back.

So, when are the new dates and why has this year’s ticket sale been pushed back? Here’s everything you need to know.

When is the new ticket sale date for Glastonbury 2024?

If you’re hoping to snag a coach ticket, these will now be available on Thursday November 16 at 6pm.

General admission tickets, meanwhile, will go on sale on Sunday 19 November at 9am.

In other words, on-sale dates for both kinds of tickets have been delayed by exactly two weeks.

Why has the ticket sale been delayed?

In a statement on Twitter, the festival has said that the delay is due to issues with those who registered for tickets, saying:

‘Unfortunately, it has come to light that some individuals hoping to buy tickets for 2024 have discovered after Monday’s registration deadline that they are no longer registered, despite believing they were.

‘Out of fairness to those individuals, we will be re-opening the window for registration at 12 noon on Monday, 6th November. It will remain open until 5pm on Monday, 13th November.’

So can you still register for Glastonbury tickets?

Indeed you can! While ticket registration initially closed on Monday, October 30, the new registration deadline is November 13.

So if you forgot to register for the 2024 festival (or were caught up in the registration confusion), you can now make amends! Register on the official Glastonbury website here.

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