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Ben Nevis, mountain in Scotland
Photograph: Shutterstock

The UK is home to the world’s second-most dangerous natural wonder

It sees an average of three deaths per year

Amy Houghton
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Amy Houghton

When visiting any of the main tourist attractions in this country, you may want to be wary of a pickpocket or two, but generally you’re unlikely to be fearing for your life. That’s true for the likes of the London Eye, Edinburgh Castle and Stonehenge, but there is one popular spot that is genuinely risky. 

Researchers at holiday company holidu looked at the average number of deaths and accidents compared to the number of visitors to come up with a list of the world’s most dangerous natural wonders. It revealed that Britain’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis in Scotland, is the second-most dangerous natural attraction in the world.

The average annual number of deaths on BN is three but the average number of notable accidents is 20. Sadly one hiker has lost their life on the mountain this year. In 2018 three climbers were killed in an avalanche, seven died in 2017 and six died in 2016.  

If you want to brave the hike up the big Ben, Mountaineering Scotland recommends that you should have a reasonable level of fitness and that you stick to the straightforward (but still pretty demanding) Mountain Trek. 

Ben Nevis was second only to Mount Blanc in the Alps, which sees an average of 100 deaths a year. Mount Fuji came in third and Mount Everest ranked fourth. 

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