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When does national mourning for the Queen end?

It’s likely we’ll feel the impact of Elizabeth II’s passing for quite some time

Chiara Wilkinson
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Chiara Wilkinson

Since the passing of Queen Elizabeth II earlier this month, the UK has been in a period of national mourning. Flags flying from government buildings have been at half mast, flowers have been laid and advertising boards around the country have been replaced with tributes to her life. Today the Queen’s funeral took place at Westminster Abbey, with hundreds of millions tuning into watch proceedings from around the world.

However you feel about the royal family, the death of the Queen has been felt in almost all areas of public life – and it’s likely we’ll continue to feel its impact for quite some time. But when will the period of national mourning end? Here’s everything you need to know.

How long is the national mourning period?

According to the official government guidance, the UK’s period of national mourning lasts for ten days, from the day she died until the end of the day of the Queen’s funeral, which took place on Monday September 19.

Many businesses were shut and the day was declared an official bank holiday. ‘There is no expectation on the public or organisations to observe specific behaviours during the mourning period,’ the guidance writes. ‘There is no obligation on organisations to suspend business during the national mourning period.’

Meanwhile, members of the royal family, as well as royal household staff and representatives, will remain in mourning until September 26, seven days after the funeral.

When does it end?

Although the national mourning period officially ends after the funeral, on Monday September 19, we should expect to still feel and see the effects for many days (if not weeks) afterwards.

Tributes will continue to dominate the media, and it’s likely that things won’t entirely quieten down before King Charles III’s coronation, which is due to take place next year, possibly in spring or summer. However, an official date is yet to be announced. 

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