When is the Queen’s funeral, how can I attend and where is the procession?

Elizabeth II will be the first British monarch to have her funeral at Westminster Abbey since 1760

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Photograph: Shutterstock/Alessia Pierdomenico
Photograph: Shutterstock/Alessia Pierdomenico

On Thursday September 8 2022, Buckingham Palace announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96. Now plans are in place for her funeral in London. If you want to pay tribute to the monarch, here’s everything you need to know about watching and attending.

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When is the Queen’s funeral?

The Queen’s state funeral will take place on Monday September 19. After lying in state for four days, her coffin will be moved from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey. The procession will start at 10.35am when the Queen’s funeral cortege, carried by The State Gun Carriage of the Royal Navy, drawn by 142 sailors, will carry her coffin to the abbey, arriving at 11am.

The big procession will take place after the event. This parade will end at Hyde Park Corner, at which point the coffin will travel by road to Windsor Castle.

Find out where to see the funeral procession here, and read the full schedule here.

What time is the two-minute silence?

At the end of the service, just before noon, there will be a national two-minute silence.

Where is the Queen’s funeral being held?

The funeral is taking place at Westminster Abbey. Elizabeth II will be the first British monarch to have her funeral there since 1760.

What time is the Queen’s funeral?

The state funeral begins at 11am. See the full schedule and timings for the funeral here

Will there be a bank holiday for the Queen’s funeral?

Yes. King Charles III approved the day off for England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland in his first meeting with the Privy Council at St James’s Palace. Schools and offices will be closed, and most shops, banks and post offices will be too.

Will there be lots of roads closed in central London?

Yes. There will be huge disruption within central London in the days leading up to the funeral and on Monday September 19 itself – find more details here.

Here’s everything else you need to know about how travel will be impacted over the coming days.

Where will the Queen be buried?

Queen Elizabeth II will be buried at the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle, alongside her parents. You can read about it here.

Can I attend the Queen’s funeral?

No, unless you’re one of 2,000 guests specifically invited to attend at Westminster Abbey. You can head to The Mall, though. The bollards will be removed to make space for well-wishers. The nearest tube stations are Hyde Park Corner, Green Park, Charing Cross and St James’s Park. Check travel restrictions before setting off, though.

You can also watch it on a big screen in Hyde park with the entrance opening at 11am, or at some cinemas for free.  

Who is organising the Queen’s funeral?

Curiously enough, that is a question with a simple answer. The Earl Marshal organises state events, including the State Opening of Parliament and royal funerals. Traditionally, the position has been held by the highest-ranking duke in the kingdom, the Duke of Norfolk. The current duke is a ‘character’, worth more than £100 million. 

Will the Queen’s funeral be on TV?

Television cameras will be allowed inside Westminster Abbey so the funeral will air live on TV – here’s everything you need to know. There are also expected to be big screens put up around London and the rest of the country so that people can watch collectively. We’ll provide a list of them as we learn more.

Which royals will be attending the Queen’s funeral?

The details of the funeral have yet to be announced, but it’s expected that all senior members of the royal family will attend. This includes King Charles III and Camilla the Queen Consort, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall (William and Kate), the Princess Royal (Anne), the Earl of Essex (Edward), the Duke of York (Andrew) and their children.

Which world leaders are coming to the funeral?

The full list is yet to be confirmed, but we can expect the New Zealand prime minister, Japan’s emperor, the president of the European Commission and Turkey, President Macron of France, and members of the royal families of Spain, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. US President Joe Biden has confirmed his attendance. Vladimir Putin of Russia will not attend, following Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

How much will the Queen’s funeral cost?

Hard to say. The Queen Mother’s funeral in 2002 reportedly cost £5.4 million, most of which was incurred by the huge security operation, with the policing alone costing £4.3m. More recently, the funeral in 2021 of the Duke of Edinburgh was ‘much less’ than that, though that was in part owing to restrictions around the pandemic, which saw the plans hugely scaled back. So, the answer is – obviously – ‘a lot’.

What traditions will there be at the Queen’s funeral?

  • The Queen will lie in state for four days in Westminster Hall before the funeral so that the public can pay their respects
  • King Charles III is likely to tour the UK before the funeral 
  • The royal family will wear black – including mourning bands – until the funeral
  • The Crown Jewels will be cleaned on the morning of the funeral
  • Big Ben will toll with a muffled hammer on the morning of the funeral at 9am

Where can I pay tribute?

On Sunday September 18, the day before the Queen’s funeral, a one-minute silence will be held across the country at 8pm. From Wednesday September 14 the monarch's body will lie in state in Westminster Hall for four days. Mourners will file past her coffin non-stop, as the hall will be open to the public 24 hours a day until 6.30am on Monday. 

It’s also possible to leave flowers at Buckingham Palace at dedicated zones. Officials have asked that non-compostable items, such as teddy bears or plastic packing, should be avoided.

Finally, local authorities have established books of condolence in libraries, town halls and other civic buildings. Use this link to find your nearest. 

What is the line of royal succession now?

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her eldest son, Charles, formerly the Prince of Wales, will become king. His eldest son William, formerly the Duke of York, will become the Prince of Wales and heir to the throne. The succession then follows: Prince George (son of William and Kate, aged nine), Princess Charlotte (daughter of Will and Kate, aged seven), Prince Louis (son of William and Kate, aged four, Prince Harry. 

Will London shops and businesses close for the funeral?

Shops and other businesses are not obliged to close on the day of the Queen’s funeral, but some may out of respect. According to the government: ‘Some businesses may wish to consider closing or postponing events, especially on the day of the state funeral, however, this is at the discretion of individual businesses.’ The list of London businesses and events closed or cancelled on the day of the funeral is here.

Did the Queen Mother have a state funeral?

The Queen Mother had a ‘ceremonial’ funeral in 2002, following her death at the age of 101. As she wasn’t the reigning monarch, it wasn’t technically a state funeral, though her body did lie in state, as the Queen’s will. The Duke of Edinburgh did not get a state funeral last year, though it was still pretty spectacular.

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