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Bundle up, America: It's only getting colder this weekend

Storm Helena
Photograph: Shutterstock

Winter storm Helena hit parts of the United States this past week already but things are only getting worse from here as even more snow and freezing temperatures are expected to disrupt all of our weekend plans.

"There are going to be some places where you're going to have observations of at least 10 feet of snow," explained Michael Schichtel, lead forecaster for the National Weather Service at the Weather Prediction Center.

The cold temperature and precipitations (a series of storms that Shichtel has defined as "probably one of the top 25 of the past century") are driven by Pacific moisture and cold Arctic air moving through the region.

Bringing snow to the West and Midwest for the last couple of days, the storm is now reaching the South, with warnings issued in Alabama, Mississippi and more. In total, Helena will have brought freezing temperatures and lots of snow to over two dozen states from coast to coast (including typically dry California!).

Bundle up, folks: it's only getting colder.