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JK Rowling Twitter war
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Check out J.K. Rowling's hilarious Twitter reactions to fans burning 'Harry Potter' books in protest

Anna Rahmanan

By now, author J.K. Rowling is used to her Harry Potter books being used as political statements. Back in 2001, Christian groups deeming the novels satanic organized mass book burnings and, this past week, the practice became a trend again.

Following her anti-Trump tweets, some fans took to burning the author's works—and let her know on social media. Although we obviously don't condemn the action (books are sacred!), we rejoice at the revelation that the protest has brought about: Rowling's literary (and hilarious) genius clearly extends to Twitter as well (yes, you should follow her). 

Here are her really funny reactions to her ex-fans commenting on her political statements:

Find us munching on popcorn while enjoying the show that is Rowling's Twitter feed for the rest of the week.

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