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Americans Google their dates more often than anyone else
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Fun fact: Americans Google their dates more often than anyone else in the world

Anna Rahmanan

Who says romance is dead? Americans.

According to Time Out's third City Index, quizzing 20,000 participants across 18 cities worldwide about their dating habits, folks in the U.S. have taken the excitement and passion out of dating by frequenting multiple people at once, using apps and Googling their dates before even meeting them.

The majority of respondents who admitted to doing a bit of research about someone before going out with them are from four American cities: New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago. In tandem with that bit of rather depressing news is this fun little factoid: three of the above mentioned cities (New York, Los Angeles and Chicago) are also the ones most comfortable with the idea of seeing multiple people at once. 

Given those rather disheartening results, it should come as no surprise that not one American city has made it to the top ten list of places in which residents are happy about the dating scene. In short: The U.S. has the most depressing dating scene in the world.

But, given our oath to try our best to be positive about just about everything in 2017, here is the silver lining: Miami was rated the top destination for those looking to fulfill their threesome fantasies. 


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