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Get drunk while indulging your sweet tooth when drinking this Oreo beer (yes, it's a thing)

Anna Rahmanan

Dare we say keep it coming, 2017?

Virginia-based craft brewery The Veil Brewing Co. joins in on this week's gift list to America (from chocolate-covered ice cream slices to a new podcast by the Serial team, we've been relatively happy about the past few days) and finds a way for us all to satisfy our sweet tooth while enjoying a cold one by creating an Oreo beer. Yes, you read that right.

How is this supposed delicacy created? In an Instagram post, the brewery reveals that they've conditioned their 7% Hornswoggler chocolate milk stout with "hundreds of pounds of Oreo cookies" to make the ale.

Clearly a major success, the brewery already sold around 60 cases of the stuff and there are officially no more four packs left for purchase. But if you're ever in Richmond, Virginia, you'll want to head directly to the brewery itself, where the beer will be on tap for a limited time.

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