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'Harry Potter' alum Rupert Grint will star in and produce Crackle's remake of 'Snatch'

Rupert Grint in Snatch
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In seemingly never ending (and greatly appreciated) Harry Potter news, alum Rupert Grint will star in and executive produce Snatch—a TV series remake of the 2000 cult film starring one pretty young Brad Pitt alongside Jason Statham and Benicio del Toro—for Sony's streaming network, Crackle. 

The 10-episode series will kick off production in Manchester, England, next week and will premiere on the ad-supported network in 2017. 

The original Guy Ritchie movie chronicled the largely illegal activities of boxing promoters, bookmakers and gangsters as they fought their way to a stolen diamond. According to an official statement by Crackle, the remake will "carry the spirit of the setting in the original feature film, while creating a new world born from the original movie."

This new world will be set in London and focus on a group of up-and-coming twenty-something hustlers thrust into the world of organized crime following the discovery of a truckload of stolen gold bullion.

In what seems like a complete departure from his renowned role in the Harry Potter series, Grint will play a con man, Charlie Cavendish, opposite Dougray Scott, who will star as Vic Hill, a prison inmate. Also expect Ed Westwick (yes, Gossip Girl Westwick) to appear in a recurring role as Sonny Castillo, a night club owner. The series will be directed by Nick Renton, of The Musketeers and Jericho fame. 

Will the all-star cast be enough to propel Crackle at the forefront of the Netflix-dominated list of streaming services? We're not sure, but we'll certainly be watching.