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Watch all Oscar movies
Photograph: Shutterstock

Here is how you can binge-watch all 9 best picture Oscar nominees in a single day (and for cheap!)

Anna Rahmanan

Haven't gotten around to watching all of this year's Oscar-nominated movies yet? Worry not: Regal Cinemas and AMC Theaters are making the feat a bit easier by selling limited movie passes that will grant you entry to showings of all nine nominated films across the country.

Specifically, Regal Cinemas is offering $35 tickets that will allow you to access showings of the films for ten days starting February 17 at all participating locations.

AMC Theaters, on the other hand, will play the nominated movies over two consecutive Saturdays as part of their Best Picture Showcase promotion. On February 18, watch Manchester by the SeaFencesHell or High Water and La La Land. The remaining five movies (MoonlightLionHacksaw RidgeArrival and Hidden Figures) will play the following Saturday, on February 25. No word yet on how much the promotion will cost.

Click here to find the participating Regal Cinema closest to you and learn more about AMC's Best Picture Showcase on the official website.

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