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Pizza ATMs will roll out across the country as soon as this month

Pizza ATMs across America
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Larry Hoffman

Back in August, we reported that college students at Ohio's Xavier University were to be the first ones to use America's only Pizza ATM. Fast forward five months and Paline, the French company behind the machine, announced that, following inquiries by colleges and businesses in 20 American states and in Canada, they will start shipping out their technology all across the two countries.... Maybe even as soon as this month. 

Invented by Paline 14 years ago but purchased by an American company more recently, the $55,000 machine stores pizza dough that's been fermented for two days, partly baked and featuring eight different toppings in a refrigerator. Once the order has been placed via touch screen, the machine takes less than three minutes to move the stored dough in a convection oven, cook it and then place it in a cardboard box. 

No details have yet been released about the Pizza ATMs' specific locations but Paline will require all those purchasing a machine to sign up for five days and $6,000 worth of cooking and machine maintenance courses at Xavier University—a small price to pay considering that each Pizza ATM could potentially earn owners $90,000 a year when selling 40 pies at $10 each daily, according to Quartz.