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Tinder debunks dating myths
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Six online dating myths: Debunked

Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Has the internet killed dating as we know it? Does meeting someone online require a different set of skills than meeting someone at a bar? What does modern dating really look like? Tinder, the location-based online dating app, set out to explore those questions by leading a national survey "that uncovers modern dating myths."

Below, we highlight six myths that the survey's data debunk (to check out the full study, click right here):

Myth: Online dating has killed commitment.
Reality: Online daters are more likely to commit. 
Survey results indicate that 74% of online daters have had more than one committed relationship as adults—as opposed to 49% of offline daters.

Myth: Online daters aren't good at conversing.
Reality: Online daters are better communicators than offline daters.

Myth: Modern dating is not monogamous.
Reality: More clicks and swipes don't lead to more companions.
Survey results indicate that 93% of online daters deem fidelity an important aspect of a relationship—as opposed to 90% of offline daters.

Myth: Nobody cares about your career or political views when swiping.
Reality: Opposing political views and lack of career aspirations are frowned upon on apps.

Myth: Online daters are less likely to use protection.
Reality: Online daters are careful to practice safe sex.
Survey results indicate that 70% of online daters practice safe sex most of the time or always—as opposed to 63% of offline daters.

Myth: Men send more naked selfies compared to women.
Reality: Men and women send unsolicited nudes at an equal rate.

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