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The 8 spookiest Airbnb homes to rent on Halloween

Anna Ben Yehuda

Scream parks and trick or treating are Halloween stuff of the past. In 2016, opt for a spooky adventure of-the-time as dictated by (what else?) Internet finds. 

We scour the most frightening Airbnb listings and bring you eight of the scariest haunted homes in the country now for rent on the online marketplace. Happy Halloween, America!

1. Parks-Bowman Mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana ($115/night for the Haunted Bedroom)

Parks-Bowman Mansion in New Orleans


Opt to stay in the "Haunted Bedroom," where a guest "sat [...] listening all night to tiny footsteps dancing around the bed. It sounded like a young person who had a long skirt on. You could hear the rustling of her taffeta on the floor."

2. The Manor in St. Paul, Minnesota ($57/night)

The Manor


We dare you to find a spookier looking home. 

3. Laura's Cottage in Savannah, Georgia ($225/night)

Laura's Cottage


The 1799 cottage was the set of Robert Redford's The Conspirator and is still part of many local ghost tours. Obviously, watch out for the ghost of Laura.

4. Historic Civil War Farm House in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania ($105/night)

Historic Civil War Farm House


Directly from the home owner: "I will be your only 'living' host, but there are many others who reside with me. They have lived at the farm for many many years, some for hundreds of years. Yes, the house is haunted, but they are all friendly!" Have fun.

5. Haunted Castle House in Brumley, Missouri ($435/night)

Haunted Castle House


Previously a hospital and a funeral home, this 169-year-old Victorian House also features a cemetery in the back garden—just in case you need to escape the paranormal activity going on inside.

6. Historic Adobe Home in Cuchillo, New Mexico ($63/night)

Historic Adobe Home


Found in a small ghost town hidden in a small valley in the Southern New Mexico desert, this property surely matches its scary surroundings. 

7. Goose Rocks Light in New Haven, Maine ($600/night)

Goose Rocks Light


A deserted lighthouse surrounded by water and fog in every direction? Now that's a Halloween night to remember.

8. Captain Grant's in Poguetanuck, Connecticut ($179/night)

Captain Grant's


Built right in-between two cemeteries, Captain Grant's former abode once housed a couple of ghost hunters as well.

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