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The first electric Vespa will be released in 2017

Anna Ben Yehuda

Environmentally conscious scooter riders, rejoice! Renowned Italian company Piaggio Group has recently announced the unveiling of the first electric version of its famed scooter model, the Vespa.

Vespa Elettrica, as the model is officially called, will be a cheaper-to-run, eco-friendly machine that will nevertheless "retain all the features that have been vital to [the classic model's] success."

Set to be released some time in the second half of 2017, the scooter will resemble the classic model in both style and maneuverability albeit boasting "innovative connectivity issues" alongside the highly anticipated eco-friendly characteristics.

Although the company hasn't released any information about the model's price, Gizmodo expects it "to end up somewhere on the higher end of the Vespa price scale—think closer to $10,000."

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