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Best and worst jobs of 2017
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These are the 10 best and worst jobs to have in America in 2017

Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Food for thought: According to research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' American Time Use Survey, the majority of adult Americans "spend 8.8 hours a day on their careers or on activities directly related." That would be 44 hours a week—which totals to over one quarter of a life. Choosing the right career is, clearly, a vital task—one that, an online job database, wants to help you with.

Looking at income, growth outlook, work environment and stress levels as key criteria, the website has come up with a ranking of the ten best and the ten worst jobs in America in 2017. Take a look at the data below and read the full report right here

The 10 best jobs of 2017:

1. Statistician (median salary: $80,110)
2. Medical services manager (median salary: $94,500)
3. Operations research analyst (median salary: $78,630)
4. Information security analyst (median salary: $90,120)
5. Data scientist (median salary: $111,267)
6. University professor (median salary: $72,416)
7. Mathematician (median salary: $111,298)
8. Software engineer (median salary: $100,690)
9. Occupational therapist (median salary: $80,219)
10. Speech pathologist (median salary: $73,250)

The 10 worst jobs of 2017:

1. Newspaper reporter (median salary: $37,820)
2. Broadcaster (median salary: $38,870)
3. Logger (median salary: $37,590)
4. Enlisted military personnel ($27,936)
5. Pest control worker (median salary: $33,040)
6. Disc jokey (median salary: $30,830)
7. Advertising sales person (median salary: $50,380)
8. Firefighter (median salary: $48,030)
9. Retail salesperson (median salary: $22,900)
10. Taxi driver (median salary: $24,300

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