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This map shows the most popular food in every state

Anna Rahmanan
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Anna Rahmanan
Most popular food in every state

Photograph: Pinterest

According to Pinterest, food is the most popular category among their 150 million users. With over 15 billion food-related ideas on the site, we believe that. Making use of what is undoubtedly a whole lot of data, the site created "The Foodnited States" index to highlight the most commonly searched food or ingredient in every state, relative to the rest of the country.

Take a look at the index above and, below, find a complete state-by-state breakdown.

Alabama: Pound cake
Alaska: Survival bread
Arizona: Chiles
Arkansas: Coca Cola
California: Figs
Colorado: Carnitas
Connecticut: Cannoli
Delaware: Crabs
Florida: Cake toppers
Georgia: Wing recipes
Hawaii: Matcha
Idaho: Canning
Illinois: Wild rice soup
Indiana: Noodle casserole
Iowa: Chex Mix
Kansas: Chicken enchiladas
Kentucky: Peanut butter fudge
Louisiana: Shrimp pasta
Maine: Donuts
Maryland: Scallops
Massachusetts: Butternut squash
Michigan: No bake cookies
Minnesota: Broccoli salad
Mississippi: Chicken spaghetti
Missouri: Cheesecake dip
Montana: Scones
Nebraska: Sloppy joes
Nevada: Cake pops
New Hampshire: Martinis
New Jersey: Sangria
New Mexico: Empanadas
New York: Falafel
North Carolina: Banana pudding
North Dakota: Oatmeal bars
Ohio: Peanut butter brownies
Oklahoma: Taco soup
Oregon: Curry
Pennsylvania: Peach Schnapps
Rhode Island: Flower cupcakes
South Carolina: Red velvet cupcakes
South Dakota: Tater tots
Tennessee: Corn bread
Texas: Stuffed avocado
Utah: Coconut chicken
Vermont: Beets
Virginia: Smoothie bowls
Washington: Thai chicken
West Virginia: Pumpkin desserts
Wisconsin: Puppy chow
Wyoming: Energy bites

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