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This site lets you get rid of Trump in your digital life

Anna Rahmanan

There's only so much stress Americans should be forced to withstand each day. In an effort to decrease the panic and heart palpitations that have come to define the country's every waking moment and try to restore a semblance of normalcy, a 21-year-old Miami Ad School student created a simple filter that will effectively tune out any news involving President Donald Trump from your social media feeds.

Erin Kaufman, daughter of producer Aaron Kaufman (Sin City: A Dame to Kill For), has turned Trump's promise to build a wall against him by creating the "A Wall Against Trump" filter, an online extension that filters out all references to the President from news sites and social media feeds.

"Trump was everywhere and I needed a break," Kaufman told the Hollywood Reporter. "The idea was, 'What if we make him into an Internet refugee for a day? How are we going to make a change without taking a break?'"

Head to to download the filter, which took Kaufman two weeks and $50 to create, and start enjoying a stress-free existence. But, beware, the creator herself advises to use it for just one day of pure respite: "I don't think you should [use it for longer]," she said. "You should know what's going on in the world."

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