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Sex on vacation
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Want to have sex on vacation? Here are the trips you should book

Anna Rahmanan

If you're looking for a vacation that will undoubtedly lead to some "sexy time," you might want to check out this survey by Twiddy

Surveying over 2,000 Americans about their sexual habits while on a trip, the company has found that tropical destinations are ranked as the "sexiest" vacation spots around. Following, in order: cabins in the woods (interesting), cruises (played out), big cities (expected) and... the Arctic (huh?!). 

The questionnaire also delves into sexual behaviors at home versus ones on vacation. The results? Most folks within the 18-34 age range (62%) find "getting lucky" on vacation to be likelier than when at home—but only 40% of those 70 and older share the same opinion. 

The study also analyzed Americans' habits while away with their children. When kids are on the trip, respondents mentioned hotel beds as being the most popular sex locations (48.1%), followed by hot tubs, hotel balconies, the beach, showers and bathtubs, nature and boats. If the little ones are not in tow, partners find hotels to still be the preferable location for sex—with nature coming in second. Talk about wild.

The most surprising findings involve a top 10 ranking of the most sexually adventurous states. At the top of the list? Kansas! Folks in Arkansas came in second, followed by Louisiana, Georgia, Connecticut, Virginia, Texas and North Carolina. Is it time to relocate?

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