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You can now have the world's first caffeinated bagel for breakfast

You can now have the world's first caffeinated bagel for breakfast
Photograph: Einstein Bros.

Does your morning coffee no longer do the trick? Try pairing it with the world's first ever caffeinated bagel (a match made in breakfast heaven, if you ask us).

After nine months of prep, Lakewood, Colorado bagel shop Einstein Bros. launched the Espresso Buzz Bagel today and satisfied a need that caffeine addicts around the globe probably didn't know they had.

"We have watched the coffee category expand and adapt as Millennials converted to coffee drinkers, attracted by the smoother flavor and artisanal characteristics and third- and fourth-wave coffee,” Kerry Coyne, the company's senior vice president and head of marketing and research and development, wrote to Fox News via email.

“We knew our culinary team could deliver that same premium, hand-crafted sensory experience with the beloved category hero of espresso in our best-in-class, fresh-baked bagel."

Although the chain is not revealing its exact recipe, the treat is said to boast 32 milligrams of caffeine (basically a third of the caffeine found in the average 8 oz. cup) coming from both espresso and coffee-cherry flour and, according to Fox News, it also contains 13 grams of protein from the cocoa.

This is, indeed, the breakfast of champions.