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JetBlue flash sale 2017
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Dharmesh Patel

You have until tonight to book a $34 flight on JetBlue

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

JetBlue's current flash sale includes a whole range of super cheap one-way domestic and international flights out of cities in the United States. 

For a mere $34, you can fly from Boston to Richmond and from Long Beach to Las Vegas. Add a few extra dollars to your budget and, for a total of $39, you'll be able to take a trip from Fort Lauderdale to Turks and Caicos, from Long Beach to Oakland or Reno/Tahoe and from Washington, DC to Boston.

The most expensive flights that are part of the sale are $209 one-way tickets from Orlando to Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and from Newark to Santiago (Dominican Republic), plus a $224 flight from Boston to Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic)—all still bargains, if you ask us.

As usual, good Internet deals come with some restrictions. In this case, your trip will have to take place on Monday through Thursday or on Saturday between January 17 and March 8. However, trips between February 17 and 26 are not included in the deal. 

Check out all available flights right here.

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