11 times Wendy’s mercilessly roasted the competition on Twitter

The fast food chain serves up clapbacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Morgan Olsen
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Morgan Olsen
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Corporate Twitter accounts often skew dry and robotic, but at Wendy's, the tweets are always fresh. The folks behind the fast food handle like to serve their social media with a side of sass, openly clapping back at haters and the competition. Take a look at some of Wendy's greatest hits—from beefin' with McDonald's beef to mercilessly roasting every other fast food player in the game.

1. The time they roasted Dunkin’s roast.

2. The time they slammed Burger King and McDonald’s in 15 words or less.

3. The time they indulged in straight-up trash talk.

4. The time they started beef about McDonald’s beef.

5. The time they came for the social media editor.

6. The time they made it rhyme.

7. The time they shredded Carl’s clout.

8. The time they signal-boosted their fan mail.

9. The time they burned the King’s beef.

10. The time they trashed McDonald’s—again.

11. The time they proved that they’re the Clapback Queen. 

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