A futuristic moon-themed resort is headed to Las Vegas

The hotel will even let you explore ten acres of lunar surface in a space buggy.

Written by
Gerrish Lopez
Contributor, New Orleans

It might be a while before the USA's resident billionaires can offer flights to the actual moon (or a full-on moon colony), but if you fancy yourself a lunar explorer, then Vegas (of course), can get you there sooner. The upcoming Moon Resorts Las Vegas will make your moon-landing dreams come true this decade, complete with a NASA-level lunar colony. 

The world’s first space hotel is set to debut in 2027, and it’s a doozy. The five billion, 5.5-million-square-foot hotel will rise above the glittering Vegas landscape with an incredibly detailed replica of the moon that will stand at 735 feet tall and 650 feet wide. The property will feature 4,000 guest rooms and suites plus a 75,000-square-foot spa, 50,000-square-feet of food and beverage offerings, 75,000-square-feet of retail, and 150,00-square-feet of clubs and lounges.

You’ll get completely starry-eyed with the entertainment offerings. In addition to a casino, the resort will feature a theater, planetarium, an event center and an arena. A moon-themed nightclub will be positioned under a spaceship that will beam lights on the partiers below.

For real moon-fanatics, however, the “active lunar colony” in the top half of the moon replica will be the highlight. For $500, you can take a moon shuttle that circles the exterior of the hotel, then explore ten acres of lunar surface in a moon-buggy, driving over craters and zipping through the colony that will mimic those currently being planned by NASA.

In addition to the Vegas location, Moon Resorts plans to open four more lunar oases in the Middle East, China and Spain

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