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Henrietta Hudson
Photograph: Molly Adams/Henrietta Hudson

A new campaign is trying to save the 15 remaining lesbian bars across the United States

You have until November 26 to donate.

Anna Ben Yehuda

According to the Lesbian Bar Project, in the late 1980s, the United States was home to an estimated 200 lesbian bars. Today, that number has dwindled down to 15. In an effort to preserve the handful of destinations, the project has partnered with the Fractured Atlas arts organization and Jägermeister’s #SaveTheNight campaign to launch a 30-day fundraising campaign that will directly benefit the bars.

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"We believe what makes a bar uniquely Lesbian is its prioritization of creating space for people of marginalized genders; including women, non-binary folks, and trans men," reads the Lesbian Bar Project's official website. "As these spaces aim to be inclusive of all individuals across the diverse LGBTQIA+ community, the label Lesbian belongs to all people who feel that it empowers them. These bars are disappearing at a staggering rate and we cannot afford to lose more of these vital establishments to the fallout of COVID-19."

Visitors can read more about the 15 spotlighted bars and donate to the cause through November 26 on the project's official website. All donations received through the site will be split evenly between all venues.

Here is a list of the participating businesses:

1. A League of Her Own in Washington, DC
2. Blush & Blu in Denver, Colorado
3. Cubbyhole in New York, New York
4. Henrietta Hudson in New York, NY
5. Herz in Mobile, Alabama
6. Ginger’s in Brooklyn, New York
7. Gossip Grill in San Diego, California
8. Lipstick Lounge in Nashville, Tennessee
9. My Sister’s Room in Atlanta, Georgia
10. Pearl Bar in Houston, Texas
11. Slammers in Columbus, Ohio
12. Toasted Walnut in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
13. Walker’s Pint in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
14. Wildrose in Seattle, Washington
15. Sue Ellen’s in Dallas, Texas (note: this particular bar has opted out of the donation pool, hoping to direct the money to other bars that are more in need of it) 

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