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A photo of Austin, Texas
Photograph: Courtesy Visit Austin

Airbnb reveals the top spots for solar eclipse travel

Bookings have surged in the path of totality

Written by
Gerrish Lopez

The 2024 solar eclipse is fast approaching, and celestial enthusiasts have already booked their spots for ideal eclipse viewing. It’s the last chance to catch a total eclipse for 20 years. The path of totality is the place to be on April 8, as this is where you’ll experience the full eclipse, when the moon completely obscures the sun as it passes between Earth and the sun. Bookings for accommodations have soared along this path, with Airbnb reservations leading the pack.

Airbnb reports that searches for properties along the path of totality have surged 1000 percent, and listings in the path outnumber hotels 15 to one. Many of the towns along the path have no hotels, so Airbnb hosts have stepped in to offer accommodations, in turn driving tourism to lesser-known regions.

Airbnb data reveals that while nearly half of those booking a stay in the path of totality—where viewers can enjoy up to 4.5 minutes of darkness—are interested in public eclipse-viewing events, 59 percent of respondents said that private viewing is important to them. Amenities like a backyard are key factors for 79 percent of respondents.

North American cities along the path of totality are seeing increased bookings, with new Airbnb hosts ready to provide accommodations for peak eclipse viewing. The most popular cities for eclipse viewing—according to Airbnb bookings— are Austin and Hill Country in Texas, Mazatlán in Mexico, Indianapolis, Montreal, Cleveland and Dallas. Properties like this home on Lake Austin with a telescope, a lakeside lodge in New York or this castle in Buffalo with rooftop viewing are prime spots for top eclipse viewing.

Airbnb data has also revealed that New York City and Mexico City have the highest number of travelers booking properties in the path of totality.

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