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Top future travel destinations by state
Photograph: KOALA

Apparently, most Americans are planning on traveling to Puerto Rico once the pandemic is over

At least according to this map.

Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Daydreaming about future travel plans is a state of being that we associate with both the best and the worst of times. But during these rather odd past few months—which were defined by our inability to leave our homes, let alone the country—it seems like the travel bug has really taken a hold of Americans.

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So, now that the vaccine is slowly being rolled out and embarking on a vacation doesn't seem like such a faraway thought, where are most folks looking to escape to? Turns out, it sort of depends on the state they live in.

Travel site KOALA analyzed Google data to determine which destinations Americans have mostly been searching for in the last six months, and the results are pretty interesting. Specifically, the website looked at the total number of searches made for each destination between April and October 2020.

Overall, Puerto Rico seems to be the most popular go-to—likely due to its proximity to home. That trend does appear to be more pronounced across East Coast states, with West Coast ones thinking about trips to the likes of Japan and Mexico. The latter country is actually the second most popular according to the data, with Cancun specifically called out as the number two most sought-after city (Bora Bora in French Polynesia took the top spot on that list). 

Below, check out the map highlighting each state's most searched-for potential trip. Fair warning, though: wanderlust might take a hold of you.

Top future travel destinations by state
Photograph: KOALA

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